The World's First Global Smartgrid/AMI Utility Peer Group Created By and For Utilities


The Smartgrid Utility Peer Group similarly networks and advocates electric and water Smartgrid and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) professionals at utilities (not vendors).  Membership in this group is led by a panel of utility peers worldwide, with Southern California Edison (SCE) chairing the Platinum Member Advisory Group when we launched in 2007. 

The panel includes one leading utility per continent/region with SCE initially named as the lead for North America.  Each having equal input, panel members in this Advisory Board simply provide direction and suggestions for ongoing improvement of the groups value.  The panel also spreads the word to other utilities in their region/continent. 

The mission of the group is to enable electric and water utilities worldwide to share business best practices and experiences related to business case development, technology project management, implementation and operation of Smartgrid, Advanced Metering, and Customer Technology/Billing/CRM systems.  By focusing on the business side, this initiative contrasts with technical forums already in existence.  Participants in the Smartgrid/AMI Awards and Global Smartgrid/AMI Utility Peer Group include an impressive representation of utilities worldwide, with involvement by leaders such as Entergy (USA), Southern Company (USA), Guernsey Electric (UK), EDF (France), ENEL (Italy), Country Energy (Australia), Metro Water (TN), Duke Energy, PPL Electric, Ampla Energia (Brazil), Scottish Power (UK), Chatham Kent Hydro (Canada), Ekurhuleni Electricity (Africa), ESKOM (Africa), North Delhi Power (Asia), etc.